COVID-19 Response


The children from the Promise Children’s Home, which Ceifa sponsors, almost all had to return to their villages due to the lockdown and all the schools have been closed.  Some of the schools have tried doing some online schooling in the city of Kathmandu but lack of access to internet and computers by most students have made this very difficult.  There is great uncertainty of how the rest of the children’s school year will be affected.  Pray that the children would be able to return to the city and that the schools will be able to reopen soon.

Below: A few of the PCH children ready for school
Ceifa also helped YWAM staff in Nepal run a 6 month Discipleship Bible School that graduated 14 students back in April.  The school finished right in the midst of the lockdown, so 8 of the 14 students were “stuck” in the training center for an extra 3 months.  Ceifa helped cover some of the unexpected costs of keeping the 8 students for the extra 3 months.  We have been grateful to hear that they have been able recently to return back home, and that the staff continued to do inductive Bible study with them on a daily basis during those extra 3 months.  We believe as they return to the areas from which they are from, that they will be even more equipped to make disciples!
Below: Pictures of the DBS students

Ceifa also helps support 5 Church Planters in different villages in different areas of Nepal.  Loss of work, shops being closed, and extra scrutiny by authorities have made it even more difficult for those working among the poorest of the poor in these villages.  There has been a great demand for food relief due to the Covid crisis.  Ceifa has been able to send in extra funds these past couple of months to help with the food distribution in the villages.  This has been a great open door for the Church planters that we support as they are able to give food not only to believers but also to share with their unbelieving neighbors.  

While Churches in Kathmandu remain closed, in the village they have been able to meet in small groups and we have had some encouraging reports of leaders being trained and of the pastors we support continuing to share the Gospel.  Their continued boldness has not come without persecution though.  One pastor was jailed on trumped up charges of meeting during the beginning days of the lockdown.  But praise God that we have recently learned of his release from prison.  Continue to pray for boldness and that the God of Hope would fill the hopeless with His Hope in this difficult season!
Below Top Row: Covid Relief Supplies being distributed
Below Bottom Row: Pastor G finishes leader training

Brother K Family Update
Covid has not stopped our brother K and his family from continuing to minister to the refugee communities.  If anything, it has given them even more opportunities to share the Gospel as they have shown God’s love by passing out food and other basic necessities to the refugee communities during the Covid pandemic.  They have been busy this summer planting new churches and doing a VBS for refugee children but the heart of their ministry is in being intentional to walk around the apartment complexes where they know refugees live and talk with anyone who is open to listen.  These conversations, with people from many different nations, usually lead to opportunities to share the Gospel, give a Bible, or pray for those who are hurting.  May we be inspired by their family to also open our eyes and “see” the refugees that are living in our neighborhoods, communities, and cities!

Gully Family Update
Amho, Bethany, and Jedidiah have been back in America for one year now.  With the Covid situation worldwide, they really see God’s hand in having them be here for this season.  Amho continues to work full time.  This past May, Bethany started helping David part time as an administrative assistant for Ceifa and Heaven’s Family. Jedidiah just celebrated his 3rd birthday on June 21st.  He loves cars, paw patrol, and fishing with Dad.  There is a new open door that recently opened up that might allow them to go back to Asia next year.  Please pray that this opportunity would work out if it is what God has for them to do next!