Jamir Family


I once asked someone if they could show me how to reach refugees and he said no but you can “Come with me and see.”

Brother K and his wife (names omitted for security) are Christian church planters.  Brother K started his first church in his country of Nagaland when he was a teenager.  After he and his wife were married they started to reach out to Tibetan refugees in India working there for many years with very little fruit among Tibetans .. but in the process discovered great numbers of Nepali refugees that were hungry for the gospel and planted 50 Nepali house churches among them utilizing the methods he helped develop with d3partners.  They eventually moved to Fort Worth Texas with their two children where they attended SW Baptist Seminary.  Brother K’s wife begin work on her third graduate degree in ministry related studies.

Through the next several years this New Testament type of ministry began to snowball into 40 simple church congregations and later eight larger brick and mortar churches formed. During that period his wife presented her dissertation titled “Effectiveness of Evangelism and Discipleship Among the Newly Settled Bhutanese Refugees in a Major Urban Context”. The professor that helped her get her presentation ready asked her where she got the content for it. His wife replied, “Come With Me and See.  The professor did. This professed soon retired to start to applying what she learned in reaching out and helping refugees discover the comforts and call of the gospel.

Brother K immediately began looking for a way to expand the Kingdom where God had put them. With eyes for the harvest he started running into Nepalese speaking people.  Soon he and his wife were regular visitors at the apartment complexes where thousands of Nepalese and Bhutanese refugees had settle for their new life in American.  Lending a helping hand and showing constant compassion resulted in discovering the ‘man of peace’ and soon bible studies and the same methods used in India were employed. This led to the development of house churches where Kika would train the new believers to become small group leaders, maturing often into simple churches.

CEIFA has been a constant means of simple support and now they are sending missionaries from their house church movement to Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio, Buffalo New York and outreach to San Francisco California with incredible results. Every time our volunteers have joined with their outreach teams our lives have been transformed by the witness and example of this authentic missionaries here in the USA.

– Brock Keckritz